We are happy to announce that the Breeding Programme for the above stud book has been approved by the DAFM.

Practically, this means that pure and part bred Welsh ponies and cobs will now be able to be registered in Ireland, as EU legislation dictates.

With the consent of the WPCS (Wales) , Leisure Horse Ireland has been approved as a ‘daughter society’ of the WPCS, and is the keeper of the stud book and PIO. The Welsh Pony & Cob Society of Ireland Co. Ltd. has worked closely with LHI and DAFM to achieve this.

The passports will be unique to the Welsh Pony & Cob Society of Ireland stud book, and will be the official breed passport for pure and part bred Welsh ponies and cobs, bred in the twenty six counties of Ireland.

Below is a list of scenarios that may or may not apply to your own personal circumstances, however, we feel that  giving examples of questions, and how they may be resolved, will be helpful.

How do I register my pure or part bred foal?
A portal will be available on the LHI website shortly. A marking sheet will also be available. DNA identification is now mandatory on all foals. This will be processed by Wetherby’s Scientific.

Can I register stock of any age?
Yes. You will need proof of breeding, and there will be a DNA requirement.

My pony has a non Welsh passport already. Can it still be included in the new stud book?
Yes, you can apply for an upgrade into the stud book, provided that the pony meets the criteria of the breeding programme and has a proven pedigree.

Can I still register my pony with the WPCS in Wales?|
If the pony is foaled in Southern Ireland, it must be registered in the stud book of the WPCS of Ireland, and cannot be registered in the U

How do I get a stallion licence?
Under the new EU legislation, stallion licences are no longer required. However, you will  DNA identification.

My prefix is registered with the WPCS in Wales. Is it still valid?
No, it is no longer valid, and you will have to re register your prefix with LHI, unless it is already registered with them.

Is it only Welsh ponies that are subject to this new EU legislation?
No, it applies to all UK equine breed societies and stud books.

My pony has a registration number issued by the WPCS (Wales). Do I need to do anything else to make it legal in Ireland?
Current holders of UK issued passports will need to import their animals this means that the details of your horses are recorded on central database which is a legal requirement. Import forms are available from