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Objections. Any exhibitor feeling aggrieved must take his /her protest in writing within 30 minutes of the completion of judging of the class and pay a deposit to the secretary.

  • The Show Committee reserve the right to amalgamate classes with insufficient entries and to change judges to allow for the smooth and efficient running of the show.
  • Insurance. It is the responsibility of the exhibitor to insure all property and livestock on the showground or elsewhere which is his/her own, or which he/ she is responsible including public liability insurance.
  • Judging times. Judging times are as accurate as possible but can be subject to change.
  • Age of ponies. All ridden ponies or horses must be four years old and over.
  • Riding hats. Riders must wear a riding hat whilst mounted on horseback at all times which complies too the latest British and European Standards. The WPCS OF Ireland accept no responsibility for any injury arising from failure to comply with this regulation. Handlers of ponies or horses in the in-hand classes who are under 16 years old must wear properly secured hats to current British and European standards.
  • Back Protectors. Must be worn in all Working Hunter Classes
  • Contagious Disease. All exhibitors are asked to be aware of animals on the showground and ensure all exhibits are fit and well. No animal showing signs of injury or illness should be bought to the event.
  • Stallions. In the interest of safety, stallions may only be ridden/handled by persons over 14 years of age, with the exception of small breeds Mountain & Moorland stallions, where the rider/handler must have attained their 14th birthday by 1st January in the current year. Stallions are not permitted in any young handler, fun classes, junior ridden M & M, lead rein or first ridden classes. All stallions must wear a bridle disc.
  • Bridles. Unless otherwise stated any suitable bridle may be used. Ponies shown on the lead rein and first ridden may only be shown in a snaffle bridle.
  • Spurs. Spurs must not be worn in any show pony, show hunter pony, intermediate SRT or ridden M & M classes.
  • Dogs. Dogs must be always kept on leads whilst on showground. Please clean up after your dog.
  • Manure. Please do not muck out your trailer/horsebox on the showground.
  • Bins. Please use bins provided for litter.
  • Health and Safety. The show organisers have taken all reasonable precautions to ensure the health and safety of everyone present. For these measures to be effective, everyone must take all reasonable precautions to avoid and prevent accidents occurring. The show organisers shall not be liable for any claim in respect of damage, loss, injury or accident, to any person, horse or property howsoever caused. It shall be deemed a condition of entry that each entrant has read and understood these terms and conditions.
  • Refunds. Entry fees are non-refundable. If the show must be cancelled for any reason every provision will be made to re-schedule.
  • Results. The judge’s decision is final.
  •  Objections will not be entertained from any person or organization not exhibiting in the same class as the animal to which the objection is raised and will be subject to a fee of €150.
  • The WPCS of Ireland strictly prohibits the unattended tying of ponies to trailers or lorries regardless of the ponies temperament subject to fines of up to €150.      `
  • Tidiness and respect. Please clean up any mess you have made in the parking area before you leave and take your rubbish home with you.
  • Jewellery. No wearing of face/body jewellery in any classes.
  • Passports. Competitors may be asked for passports/height certificates in respect of height limits at any time when the horse or pony is on the showground.
  • Right of Refusal. The organisers reserve the right to refuse any entry, without giving reason.
  • Drug Testing. The organisers reserve the right to have any horse or pony drug tested while present on the showground.
  • Behaviour and Respect. Please be advised that any person threatening or harassing a committee member will not be tolerated and will result in a ban for the duration of the show. The committee are all volunteers who give up their free time to run the show.
  • Offensive behaviour. No behaviour of an offensive, abusive or unpleasant manner to any person at WPCS of Ireland will be tolerated. Any act of discourtesy to any judge, steward or any show official on the part of the competitor, groom, rider, driver or agent of an animal, will at the discretion of such official to disqualify that animal from being judged, in which case entry fees, prizes and charges will be forfeited. Exhibitors are reminded of their responsibility for the actions of others within their party.
  • No Classes or Championships can be altered by anyone other than the committee.


Important Note: It shall be deemed a condition of entry that each entrant has read and understood these terms and conditions.


This show is affiliated to the Welsh Pony and Cob Society. Affiliation No AF000031.

Animals must be entered correctly in line with the rules, detailed in the WPCS Judging and Showing Handbook which can be found on the Society website or requested from the WPCS office. Failure to comply with the rules may result in the withholding of awards. 

Your personal data

Exhibitor you will need to provide the WPCS with certain personal information relating to you. Your privacy is extremely important to WPCS, so we want you to know exactly how we will use that personal information. Our full privacy notice setting out detailed information about matters such as what personal information we use, for what purpose we use it, what our legal basis for doing so is and who we share your personal information with, can be viewed on our website If you would prefer to see a hard copy of our privacy notice, please ask a member of WPCS staff to provide you with the same.